Born in Venezuela, AnaYelsi Velasco-Sanchez (she/her/hers) is a reconnecting IndoLatinx mujerista working to create and agitate her way through the Latin diaspora.  She works independently as an interlocking justice educator and consultant. AnaYelsi’s passion for liberating justice work often seeps into her creative endeavors – resulting in art that provides a commentary on human nature with a focus on identity, mental health, and the pursuit of justice. She is self-taught and has been painting professionally since 2012. Her work has been showcased in places like Orlando City Hall, the Venezuelan Embassy, and in galleries such as Orlando’s CityArts Factory. She’s also been featured in numerous multi-artist shows in both Washington, DC and Orlando, FL.

Available For Purchase

“Like Monarch Butterflies”, 12″×24″, $340 plus S&H
“What Is And What Could Be”, 12″×16 inches, $240 plus S&H
“Foremothers”, 28″×30″, $840 plus S&H
“Six Feet”, 16″×20″, $370 plus S&H
“Intuition” 18″×24″, $480 + S&H
“That Palo Santo Smoke” 12″×12 inches, $200 plus S&H
“I Don’t Believe You (But I Want To)” 16″X20 inches $315 plus S&H
“These Walls”, 18″×24″, $480 plus S&H
“We’re Allowed To Feel”, 24″x24″, $630
“Dreams” 22″×28″, $670 plus S&H
“We’re Allowed To Feel”, 24″x24″, $630
“Isolation”, 20″×20″, $450 plus S&H
“It’s Only A Week” 14″×50″, $750 plus S&H
“Summer Rain”24″×30″, $770 plus S&H
“Hands Up. Fists Up.”, 22″×28″, $670 plus S&H
“Undiagnosed” 16″X2″, $370 plus S&H
“Friday” 12″X36″, $480 plus S&H
“Sunday” 12″X24″, $340 plus S&H
“Queerly Beloved”, 20″×24″, $530 plus S&H
“Take Two” 16″×20″, $370 plus S&H
“Equilibrium” 11″×14 inches $200 plus S&H
“Glow”, 12″x12″, $200 plus S&H
Untitled, 18″×24″, $480 plus S&H

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Sold Paintings

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“They Just Keep Coming”
“We Sing”
“Madre Tierra”
“La Ciudad”
“Come Home”
“I’m Not Okay But I Will Be”
“La Chingona”

“Reaching Back To Her Ancestors”

“People inspire me. I don’t think they realize how truly amazing they are and I love watching the way the people around me interact and express themselves. I love those special moments when I see “average” people be inspiring in their own unique way. It’s beautiful.” – AnaYelsi Velasco Sanchez


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